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Apache Bench

Apache Bench. While ApacheBench was designed to benchmark the Apache web server, it is a fully fledged HTTP client that benchmarks actual connections, and you can use it to test the performance of any backend. Apache Bench is a stand-alone application, and has no dependencies on the Apache web server installation.

The Apache Surface Mix Bench Burner from Warrior Torch Co ...
The Apache Surface Mix Bench Burner from Warrior Torch Co … (Martha Holland)

Although ab was designed for testing Apache installations, it can be used to benchmark. If you have access to a Mac or Linux system, chances are you already have Apache Bench installed as a program called ab. The following is a two-step process to install Apache Bench.

For Ubuntu and other Debian-based distributions, use.

Apache Bench is an easy-to-use tool for load testing and is available in most Linux distros.

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菜鸟的性能测试之路(一)——Apache Bench – 简书

Come fare un benchmark WebServer con Apache Bench su CentOS 8

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ApacheBench Download – It is a Druoak module that provides invocation of the ApacheBench program. Do you wonder if your API will be able to handle thousands of request concurrently ? Run Your First Apache Bench Load Performance Test.

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